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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

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Milwaukee Corporate RetreatCorporate managers in the know realize the importance of good morale and team building, and bonding over something fun is the easiest way to get people to develop good rapport with one another. A little friendly competition can be hugely beneficial for improving internal operations of your company; more importantly, it can be a riot in the laser tag arena!

There are few things as universally entertaining as go kart racing, and at Lightspeed Go Karts, Laser Tag & Arcade, we know how to do it right.

Go Karts to Fight the Rat Race

Bring your team to our 1/10th mile Go Kart track and encourage some friendly competition between employees. Race at speeds near 25 mph and see who can get the best time with our computerized timing system. Print out your results to earn office bragging rights. Our top of the line electric go carts are quiet but have instant acceleration to get you and your party off and running.

Most employees only experience bumper-to-bumper traffic in the morning and evening commute. You can't be weaving in and out of traffic and heckling your fellow drivers—as much as you might want to. Exorcise your commuting demons and redirect your directional and lane-changing skills into executing that perfect overtake on our hairpin corners.

Assemble your Laser Tag Team and Strategize

After dominating on the track, team up on the laser tag arena to engage in strategic 30-player battles where the team with the most points wins. You'll need to develop a good battle plan and play your respective roles correctly in order to come out on top. All the stressing in company meetings regarding optimizing interdepartmental communication will be tested when you're face-to-face on the front lines with the enemy (human resources!).

You can also break up your teams and begin a solo campaign. When everyone in our 4,500 square foot arena is a target, it will be easy to illustrate the difficulty of working alone.

If you want to bring your team together, or just blow off a little bit of steam at your next corporate event, we are ready and willing to accommodate you.

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