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Field Trips

Field Trips for Wisconsin Students

The Most Fun You Can Have on a Field Trip

Milwaukee Field TripWe all know field trips are great opportunities for your students to learn and interact outside of the classroom. But sometimes your kids have earned a little bit of fun, right? You can give your pupils something to really look forward to by booking a field trip to Lightspeed Go Karts, Laser Tag & Arcade.

Your class will find endless entertainment on our 1/10th mile go kart track and will get some great exercise playing laser tag in our space-themed 4,500 square foot multi-level arena that will accommodate games for up to 30 participants—the perfect size for your grade school class. Our arcade has plenty of games for all types of kids, from Skee ball to Tic Tac Toe to Star Wars pod racing.

Learn Critical Communication Skills

Our multilevel laser tag arena affords your students the opportunity to learn how to communicate and delegate tasks amongst each other. It can be hard to motivate kids to divide tasks for a book report or class presentation, but you won't have to pull any arms to get them to work together to win on the laser tag battlefield. Go Karts and Laser Tag presents a unique opportunity to teach important skills—take advantage!

Safe Youth Go Kart Racing

Kids love our electronic go karts. Honestly, what's not to love? If you think back before you got your driver's license, there was no bigger thrill than the possibility of racing around a track with your friends. Your students will have a field trip they'll never forget when they strap into our karts.

With adjustable top speeds in karts with identical capabilities and computer lap-tracking systems, each student in your class will have the opportunity to be a winner. We also offer dual carts for kids that want to race as a team. Our karts are fitted with sturdy bumpers and the track is lined with absorbing barriers to keep all of your students safe.

Lightspeed offers you a chance to get your students in a fun, unique environment where they can learn to work together and achieve goals outside the classroom.

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