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The Escape @ Lightspeed

The Party Room:  Book Me


You're Invited!  You've heard some awesome things about Lightspeed, indoor go-karts, laser tag, a classic arcade...  So when you're friend Simon invites you to a party there, you know it's going to be a BLAST!  Simon is the life of any party and has always been into fun and games, so tonight should be no exception.  Little did you know that tonight you would be Simon's game!




80's Rewind:   Book Me


Whoa!  Like gag me with a spoon man!


Whether you just want to reminisce or laugh at what your parents thought was Totally Rad, it's time to REWIND time and see if you have the right stuff to get back to the future!  Or at least the present...


Don't know a lot about the 80's other than the super-fresh cloths, or you just can't remember?  That's OK...  Just follow the clues and enjoy the AWESOMNESS that is...  80's Rewind!






Directions to Lightspeed from:
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