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Laser Tag

Milwaukee Indoor Laser Tag

Milwaukee Laser Tag Arena Provides Thrills and Numerous Play Styles

Milwaukee Laser TagFeel the anticipation, buzz and exhilaration of action-packed laser tag adventures at Lightspeed in Milwaukee! Our 4,500 square foot multi-level arena is an outer spaced theme battleground for up to 30 participants. Play in any style of your choice, whether you prefer sharpshooting from above or skirmishing in the thick of the action below. The labyrinth style course on both levels rewards creativity, communication and teamwork.

How to Play Laser Tag at Lightspeed

A typical round of laser tag at Lightspeed consists of what we call the “15 minute experience,” a short briefing session and suiting up, and roughly a 10-minute game. Laser tag games can be played in the following styles:

  1. Solo missions: Every man for himself! Each player tries to rack up as many points as possible and avoid getting hit. The player who zaps the most players, finishing with the most points, wins the game.
  2. Team missions: Up to 30 players can play in a single match, with 2-4 possible teams. Team up with your friends, come up with an attack strategy and communicate well to finish in 1st place!

Lightspeed’s top of the line laser tag system features real-time scoring, providing players with perfectly accurate scorecard results found on the lobby monitor after the match.

Indoor Laser Tag Facility Designed for Action-Packed Gameplay

We consulted with some of the finest laser tag operators in the country to design our unique arena, featuring a mezzanine balcony, a hand painted space theme painted by a brilliant local artist, and appropriate and immersive props for obstacles, such as shipping crates and nuclear waste barrels.

Neon green and bright orange patterns on the walls and ramps disorients players and make identifying opposing players a real challenge. Only the best and most focused laser taggers will come out victorious.

Laser Tag at Lightspeed is a Safe, Fun Family Activity for All Ages

Laser Tag MilwaukeeOur state of the art laser tag arena in Milwaukee is designed to be as safe as possible for adults and children alike. A mezzanine balcony overlooks most of the playfield. The ramps going up and down are designed with safety in mind, with an inclined angle to encourage walking instead of running.

Unlike other high intensity tactical activities like paintball or airsoft, laser tag games have no projectiles with the potential to cause physical harm. They’re simply rays of light, so the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Each vest has multiple scoring zones on the front and back, and the phaser lets you know who tagged you, and where and when you got tagged. Targets are on the vests only and away from the head, ensuring lasers stay out of players’ eyes.

Children and adults alike have a ball in our laser tag arena. Book your child's birthday party or schedule a corporate event as a team building exercise for your organization.

The staff at Lightspeed makes safety the #1 priority. We keep a close eye on the action to make sure the field is safe and players are playing responsibly. No entertainment facility in the Milwaukee area provides a safer laser tag and go kart experience for you and your family than Lightspeed.

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